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They Were Just Struggling Together

They Were Just Struggling Together

Years ago, this one couple was really going through tough times. They weren’t sure if they were going to make it happen – both between their marriage and between actually keeping things afloat with work.

Dan was out of work for around 5 months at this point, and his life Elena was working her hardest to provide for her husband and their 2 year old son. They were just barely able to make sure that they had enough food to eat and that the rent was covered.

This was creating a real strain on their marriage, and you could tell because that chemistry was no longer there for them. For 2 people who were once college sweethearts, this was truly a huge departure from their old days of passion.

So what did they do? We they able to last as a couple?

Fast forward to today. Dan and Elena are happier than ever. Their son is growing healthy and in the proper way, all while their marriage is continuing on strong.

What happened? Dan snapped out of his old ways and started thinking more positively. This allowed him to stop moping around and forced himself to start applying for jobs. Before he knew it, he was lining up job interview after job interview.

This was truly the big break Dan and his family were waiting for.

After a few months of trying, Dan managed to land a solid job at a local office working on the computer all day. As a result, the bills at home were covered, Dan’s life Elena was happier, and their marriage was better than ever.

Of course, this all didn’t happen right away. Remember, Dan was full of negative thoughts and a negative mindset. If you find yourself struggling with this way of thinking, check our our newsletter below to help you find that positive light.

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