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Beat stress with this 13-minute calming workout routine

Beat stress with this 13-minute calming workout routine

There is no point trying to ignore stress thinking that it will go away on its own. Doing so will only make you all the more anxious. A better idea would be to dedicate some time to exercise and perform a stress-busting workout session. Here’s a very calming stretching routine that won’t put any additional strain on your body. This session also makes for an excellent cool down stretch if you have pushed yourself too hard at the gym. You can also make this a part of your warm-up routine. Besides making you flexible and prevent injuries, this stretching sequence will allow you to push yourself harder and perform your best at a more intense level.

This is a 13-minute stretching workout that flows through a variety of stretches and yoga poses. It mainly focuses on deep breathing that helps you feel very relaxed and rejuvenated. Besides releasing the tension in your body, these moves will open up tight muscles and joints. When you move through the downward facing dog pose,  cobra pose, pigeon pose, and butterfly pose all the tension in the shoulders, back, and spine is released. These feel-good stretches are great to bring your heart beat down and also calm your mind at the same time.

So, watch the video and get detailed instruction on each pose. Remember you can go through this sequence any time of the day and as many times you want so make the most of them.

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Video source: FitnessBlender/YouTube

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